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MLO is a Debt Relief Agency which helps people file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We can help you assess your eligibility to file, your exemptions, and the dischargeability of your debts.

We believe that filing personal bankruptcy should always be your last resort. We encourage you to explore all other financial options (e.g. credit counseling, offer and compromise, etc.) BEFORE you consider filing for bankruptcy.

If, however, all other options do not work to improve your financial situation, we can assist in exploring your eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


Under current laws, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows for you to keep certain property (assets) as long as the property's value falls within certain exemption amounts and keeping the property (reaffirming the debt) does not pose an undue financial hardship on you.

Also, debts (liabilities) fall into different categories and should be analyzed carefully.

The average timeline from file date to discharge date (the day you are released from your debts) is 90 days.