We offer all personal injury consultations free of charge.

In circumstances in which you cannot travel we will come to you, whether you are at work or home.  


Our personal injury practice concentrates on:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Slip and Falls

  • Work Injuries

  • Medical Malpractice


MLO will work your personal injury case so:


  • All of your medical bills are paid

  • You are compensated for lost wages due to injury

  • You receive monetary compensation for your pain and suffering


Remember, when it comes to personal injury, MLO is only paid if you are paid.



MLO is a Debt Relief Agency which helps people file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We can help you assess your eligibility to file, your exemptions, and the dischargeability of your debts.

We believe that filing personal bankruptcy should always be your last resort. We encourage you to explore all other financial options (e.g. credit counseling, offer and compromise, etc.) BEFORE you consider filing for bankruptcy.

If, however, all other options do not work to improve your financial situation, we can assist in exploring your eligibility for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


Under current laws, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows for you to keep certain property (assets) as long as the property's value falls within certain exemption amounts and keeping the property (reaffirming the debt) does not pose an undue financial hardship on you.

Also, debts (liabilities) fall into different categories and should be analyzed carefully.

The average timeline from file date to discharge date (the day you are released from your debts) is 90 days.



We serve as the corporate attorney for many businesses in Pierce and King Counties in a variety of industries. 

We assist new business owners with:


  • Filing Federal, State, and Local tax and licensing forms

  • The determination of what type of entity a business will be (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company)

  • Creating business documents such as company contracts, articles of incorporation, and bylaws 


We assist existing businesses with: 


  • The Sale of a business

  • Purchasing a new business

  • Commercial real estate transactions: 

    • Purchasing commercial property

    • Leasing commercial property

  • Lease creations and lease review



We offer a full realm of estate planning and testamentary documents.


 During the extended initial consultation, we will assess your estate and circumstances to determine which testamentary documents fit your specific and unique needs. 


MLO can prepare the following estate planning documents for you:


  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Health Care Directives 


We will not over-sell you testamentary documents that you do not need.



We assist in a wide range of immigration issues such as:


  • Petition for Alien Fiancé

  • Petition for Alien Spouse

  • Petition for other Relatives of U.S. Citizens

  • Student Visas

  • Work Visas

  • Visitor Visas

  • Naturalization

  • Freedom of Information Act Requests

  • Investor Visas


We offer all initial immigration telephone consultations free of charge.


Through immigration laws, we look forward to reuniting you with your family or simply helping you come to the United States to start your new life of opportunity.